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FSB Notification is a notification on importation into the EEU Customs Union of goods that are cryptographic means or include cryptographic means technical or cryptographic specifications whereof are subject to notification with approving authorities of the Customs Union member states.

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Notification of the Federal Security Service - is a documentary Notification of the State on the content of the various elements of cryptography (encryption) in the products. Notification of the Federal Security Service other name FSS notification or it could be mentioned as FSB Notification - is a document which is a mandatory condition for importation into the territory of the Customs Union (currently - the Eurasian Economic Union, EAEC), or exporting from the territory of the Customs Union of equipment containing in itself the elements of encryption. Notification - one of the so called non-tariff regulation.

However, the participants of foreign economic activity may not always determine whether the exported (imported goods) belongs to the controlled category. It should be noted that the list of the products which is containing cryptographic components, is quite wide and it includes many high-tech devices: mobile phones, computers, tablet type, laptops, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, servers, RFID-tags ( FCS of Russia Letter of 06.03.2016 number 01-11 / 27111 "On the customs declaration of RFID-tags" ) and many other devices. The situation is complicated by the fact that customs officers often aske to provide notification of the goods by the relevant Tariff Number The list of goods requiring clearance FSS notification approved by the decision of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission №30 on 21.04.15 "on measures of non-tariff regulation," regardless of whether there is encryption on the device or not. But to make sure if goods Requires FSS Notification , Tariff Codes which is indicated on the list (reflected in the list) is not enough . To understand whether the specific device ,data encryption feature, you must also provide the name of product and its description for complete evaluation.

In addition, all types of devices, the main features of which suggest the content is basically the encryption elements, are subject to mandatory notification. Currently, this list includes 12 items of different product categories. List of a product for Russian FSB Notification /FSB Notification list / FSB categories of a product which requires FSB notification .

what is the state body conducting the registration of FSB notifications ?

In each country (entering the Eurasian Economic Union) appointed its authorized body for registration notifications.

Registration of customs notifications on the territory of the Russian Federation shall center on licensing, certification and state secret protection of FSB of Russia (hereinafter - TSLSZ FSB), on the territory of the Republic of Belarus - Belarusian State Security Committee. As practice shows, the reasons for refusal of registration can be set, for example the absence of mandatory supporting documents; properly executed power of attorney; incorrectly specified protocols, codes or algorithms used for encryption. Information about registered notifications FSB is available on the official website of the Eurasian Economic Commission (the register of registered notifications) .

Submit the necessary documentation for the notification can be directly manufacturers of these products, or a legal entity on the basis of company-issued to him by the manufacturer, properly executed power of attorney.

Simply put, there are two main options:

  1. The manufacturer shall submit the documents on their own products. Important! Serve documents on the passage of the notification registration procedure can only be a legal entity registered on the territory of the CU (EAEC). If the manufacturer is not registered in the territory of the CU member countries (EAEC), he will not be able to register a notification of FSS other name FSB Notification Officially registered as a foreign company representative entity can not act as the applicant.
  2. FSS addresses registered in the territory of the Customs Union (currently - the Eurasian Economic Union, EAEC) legal entity that is not a manufacturer's products. Such organizations must have an apostille or legalized in the Russian consulate in the country of the manufacturer's authorization. Example of Power of Attorney for FSS

The appearance of the notification of the FSB

The unified form of notification FSB assumes the following information:

  • Name of product.
  • Goods.
  • Details of goods manufacturer.
  • Used cryptographic algorithms.
  • The presence of the goods (products) features that are not described in the documentation provided to the user operational.
  • The validity of the notification of the FSB (validity is unlimited and is chosen by the applicant)
  • Details of the applicant.
  • Details of the document producer (manufacturer) that has provided the authorized person the authority to registration notification (if necessary).
  • Date of notification.

LLC MINTEST can assist in execution of power of attorney legalized by the manufacturer (layout drawing, communication with the manufacturer, consultation on legalization and certification as well to Be the applicant for EAC certification ,FAC certification in Russia ,FSS applicant and to Offer Applicant services for CU certification )

Products for which Notifications must be drafted:

  • goods containing symmetric cryptographic algorithm that uses a key that is not longer than 56 bits;
  • products that contain cryptographic means, with certain limited functions;
  • cryptographic means, which are components of the operating system software, whose cryptographic functionality cannot be changed by the user;
  • the personal smart card;
  • receiving equipment intended for radio and TV broadcasting (commercial);
  • cryptographic equipment, the possibility of which is wholly or partly available to the user;
  • encryption (or cryptographic) equipment that has been developed (and limited) for the use of banking and financial transactions;
  • mobile and portable radio-electronic means used by citizens;
  • radio-electronic equipment, wireless, which encrypts information only in the channel, the maximum range cordless operation is not more than 400 meters, according to the manufacturers’ specifications;
  • cryptographic tools used to protect the fuel channels and networks;
  • the goods whose cryptographic function was blocked by the manufacturer.

When identifying if it is necessary to draft FSS notification, one should also take into account Resolution No. 134 of the Eurasian Economic Commission «Single list of goods subject to prohibitions or restrictions on import or export by the Customs Union member states within the EurAsEC when trading with third countries and Provisions on application of restrictions».

Important Features of FSB Notifications:

  • FSS Notifications are valid throughout the Customs Union.
  • The form of notifications is set forth in Schedule 2 to Regulation on the Procedure of Importation into and Exportation from the Customs Union of Cryptographic Means.
  • The notification may list information either on one product item or on a group of the same type goods with identical cryptographic means.
  • The notification allows any persons to move cryptographic means across the Customs Union customs border in any amounts without repeated filings by applicants and customs authorities to approving authorities.
  • Notification shall be completed by the product manufacturer or a person authorized by it.
  • Notifications must always be registered by the authorized body with the Russian Federation authorizing its Russian FSS CLCSSR (Center for Licensing, Certification and State Secret Protection of Russian FSS) to perform registration of notifications.
  • Registered notification are published at EEC (Eurasian Economic Commission) site.

FBS Notification Cost and Drafting Deadlines:

MINTEST certification center provides professional assistance to Russian and foreign companies in due drafting and registration of FSS notifications.

Notification registration take 7 to 10 days.

Please contact company specialists by telephone or email for ordering the service or FOC advice on all matters of interest.


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Encoding (cryptographic) means restricted for import to the customs territory of the Customs Union and export from the customs territory of the Customs Union (PDF, 121.94 КБ KB)

Single list of goods subject to prohibitions or restrictions on import or export by the Customs Union member states within the EurAsEC when trading with third countries and Provisions on application of restrictions (PDF, 2.63 МБ KB)

Russia-Importing Encrypted Products (PDF, 411.14 КБ KB)