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Important Information For our partners and clients!

Due to the current situation, LLC MINTEST transfers its activities outside the Russian Federation

All work on product certification in the region will be carried out by the LLC Mintest from outside of Russian Federation

All payments for product certification services by region will be made to non-bank system of Russia Federation

LLC MINTEST value our customers and our trusting relationship with our partners

MINTEST LLC will continue to provide impeccable service and 100% loyalty to our customers, as it has been for the pass 15 years of work

The certification center MINTEST offers a wide range of certification services for Russian and foreign companies. The company was founded in 2005. The main activity of MINTEST — professional assistance in registration of certificates and permission documentation which are necessary for Russian and foreign companies to sell their products on the territory of the Russian Federation and the Customs Union. ( EAC)

For years of our activity on the market of certification services we have established a very strong contacts with state agencies, successfully co-operate with the necessary institutions to resolve all your issues at a high level and in very short terms.

The success of MINTEST business development is in taking account your professional and financial interests. Our staff do everything to satisfy your needs. We offer only those decisions that are most convenient and profitable for our clients. The complex approach to work with clients, the efforts of our specialists are focused on fast and efficient service.

The wide spectrum of our services and the high professionalism of our specialists guarantee all of our clients the kind of quality work and any high-level consultation in the shortest time. We guaranty our clients the quality registration of documents in accordance with legislation of the Russian Federation and the Customs Union ( EAC) as well we can offer

Manufacturer Representation, Sales, Company Registration, Help to find right and trusted logistic partner

  • We have relationships and history with most major distributors and understand who is effective and financially strong
  • Our retail contacts and experience gives us the ability to gain market share quickly and profitably for our clients
  • direct experience registering our clients businesses in the marketplace, protecting their brand and fulfilling other legal requirements within the market
  • Legal support
  • Fast Market access
  • CIS countries certification

Let’s make it simple , let’s Make it Easy with Mintest


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USA office:
Phone: +12396013208
address: 7961 Gladiolus Dr. 104, Fort Myers Florida 33908 ,USA