Ех-Certificate (Explosion-Proof Equipment, CU TR 012/2011)

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The Customs Union Ex-Certificate is a document confirming that the equipment designed for operation in explosive environments has passed all set procedures of assessing its conformity to the Customs Union requirements.

Ех-Certificate (example)
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The certificate is required to permit the turnover of equipment within the EEU Customs Union.

According to the requirements of TR CU 012/2011 (certification of explosion proof equipment, equipment for using in hazardous atmospheres) all explosion-proof electrical (ex-lighting, junction boxes, drives, Intrinsic safety equipment etc)  and non-electrical equipment (pumps, fans, valves for explosive atmosphere), except for the items listed in Article 1 TR CU 012/2011* shall be subject to conformity assessment in the form of certification (ATTENTION! all Ex equipment, for any zone (0,1,2, 21, 22, any group I, II, lll etc.) Requires Customs Union certificate under 012/2011 regulation

Compliance Standards Table Between Atex and CU TR 012/2011 ( GOST IEC 60079-14-2013)

Атех ЕХ

Products Subject to Mandatory Certification:

Since 2/15/2013, the Customs Union technical regulation «On safety of the equipment for operation in explosive atmospheres» has been effective.

This Customs Union technical regulation applies to all electrical (electro equipment) including Ex-components and non-electrical equipment for operation in explosive environments.

Equipment for operation in explosive environments and Ex-components is identified by presence of explosion safety devices specified in manufacturers’ technical documentation and explosion safety labeling of equipment and Ex-components.

This EEU Customs Union technical regulation does not apply to the following products:

  • medical devices;
  • equipment the operation whereof causes explosion danger only due to presence of explosive substances and unstable chemical compounds;
  • equipment of domestic and non-production use under conditions where explosive environment is created by unforeseen leakage of flammable gas;
  • personal protective equipment;
  • sea vessels, internal and combined (river and sea) vessels, mobile sea platforms and drilling platforms for operation in sea and internal waters, other floating structures as well as machinery and equipment used thereon;
  • general-purpose vehicles used for transporting passengers and cargo by air, land, rail or water;
  • nuclear arms, research units of nuclear defense complex entities excluding their component equipment located in explosive areas.

Before release thereof into turnover within the unified customs area of the Customs Union, the equipment must be subjected to the procedure of validating conformity to requirements of this technical regulation. The conformity validation procedure is mandatory and is performed exclusively in the form of certification.

One should also not that equipment certification with the GOST R system has not been performed anymore since 2/15/2013. Al certificated obtained within the above system before enactment of the Customs Union technical regulation are valid until the expiry date set forth therein or 3/15/2015 (whichever comes first).

Important Features of Ex-Equipment Certification:

  • CU TR 012/2011 certificates are valid throughout the Customs Union.
  • Only an authorized certified authority may perform the certification procedure and issue the certificate form.
  • The certificate is issued in the Unified Form approved by Resolution of the Eurasian Economic Commission No. 293.
  • Depending on the certification scheme, the certificate may be issued for commercially produced equipment (scheme 1c), for product batches (scheme 3c) or single units (scheme 4c).
  • The certificate may be issued for up to 5 years (no certificate expiry period is set forth for equipment batches and single units).
  • The certificate may list as the Applicant a manufacturer, seller or representative of a foreign manufacturer registered within the Customs Union as a company or private entrepreneur.
  • Equipment that passed the procedure of validating conformity to requirements of the Customs Union technical regulation «On safety of the equipment for operation in explosive atmospheres» must be labeled with the Unified Turnover Mark (EAC) and explosive safety mark (Ех) (image of the special explosive safety mark is set forth in Schedule 2 to the technical regulation).
  • The drafted certificate shall be mandatory registered with the special registry. The Federal Accreditation Service is authorized to maintain the Russian portion of the registry.
  • No voluntary certificate of conformity to requirements of the Customs Union technical regulation is issued.


  • Examination of Ex equipment with a goal of reducing the number of tested samples or issue 012 CU TR certificate by using current EX certificate ( no samples )
  • Our own laboratory
  • Recognition and analysis of test reports and certificates ATEX, IECEx and CSA
  • Availability of visas for most countries, the possibility of a quick preparation for factory audit, in some cases audit is not necessary
  • English speaking experts (two languages factory audit form)
  • The possibility of remote analysis by analyzing data on the quality management system (ISO 9001)
  • Preparation of the project of the certificate for Explosion proof equipment (discussing of formulation, of special condition of safety use etc.)
  • We can use your old GOST R Ex certificates
  • Analyzing technical documents in English, the ability of technical translation (via subcontracted agencies)
  • Great experience of working with foreign companies (e.g. the USA, Canada, Europe, Korea, China etc.)
  • For those companies which do not have their RepOffice in Russia, we can become their official Representative in the Customs Union.
  • Responsibility (In accoedance with item 2.12 of the Certification Rules in Russia (decree N26, of 10.05.2000 with amendments #1, approved by decree #57 of 05.07.2002)
  • Dollar and Euro accounts, ability of 50% prepayment

5 years 100% consulting during validation of certificate/declaration

Equipment Certification Cost and Document Drafting Deadlines:

The cost and deadlines for drafting certificates for equipment for use in explosive environments depends on numerous factors such as the type and quantity of products, explosion safety classification, presence of Ex components, certification scheme selected, availability of all documents required for drafting and submission of sample products as well as production status analysis (if necessary), etc.

Therefore, to accurately calculate the cost and deadlines of certification, please download and complete the special form and email it to MINTEST company specialists to the address shown in the form. In response, you will be given an updated commercial proposal within one business day.

Please contact company specialists by telephone or email for FOC advice on all matters of interest.


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CU TR 012/2011 — On safety of the equipment for operation in explosive atmospheres (PDF, 278.91 КБ KB)

Unified list of products for which Mandatory Requirements are Established within the Customs Union (PDF, 68.17 КБ KB)

Rules of application for the EurAsian Conformity Mark (EAC) (PDF, 229.11 КБ KB)

EX Atex (PDF, 857.32 КБ KB)