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LLC Mintest provides the following certification services for Ukraine:

Certificate Example

Certificate of conformity DRC certificate-Design Research certificate Declaration of Conformity
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Technical Regulation of Ukraine harmonized with the EU Directives
List of the Directives which is Harmonized with EU Bellow

UkrSEPRO - Ukrainian national quality assessment system. UkrSEPRO Certificate - a document certifying that the goods and services established by the legislation of Ukraine standards. Regulatory requirements are called DSTU, many of them are based on the international standard ISO9001.

In general, the certification system UkrSEPRO - very similar to the evaluation of the quality in the Customs Union ( EAC) and Europe, LLC MINTEST has the ability to provide UkrSEPRO certificate by existing CB test reports or others ,in other words we can perform Safety certification with out sample.

LLC Mintest can perform the follow certification.

Technical regulation on low voltage electrical equipment”, "Technical regulation on electromagnetic compatibility", “Technical regulation on radio equipment and telecommunications terminal equipment”, "Technical regulation on safety of machines and equipment" and "Technical regulation on medical equipment" etc.

Works on products certification in the statutory-regulated sphere within the scope of Ukrainian State certification system UkrSEPRO for compliance with the obligatory requirements of operating normative documents of Ukraine on safety of life, health, protection of property, electromagnetic compatibility and environmental protection. When performing works Mintest is guided by the national standards of Ukraine of Certification system UkrSEPRO (DSTU 3413, DSTU 3417, DSTU 3498 etc.) and also by the approved certification rules of the specific types of products;

Works on products certification in the statutory non-regulated sphere (voluntary certification in the System UkrSEPRO). Works are carried out in the order, established by the agreement between applicant and Mintest for compliance with the requirements, established by the applicants;

UkrSepro Marking

1. For products that meet the mandatory requirements of normative documents and requirements, for which the legislative acts of Ukraine set a mandatory certification (Figure 1.)


2. For products that meet the mandatory requirements of technical regulations for which the legislative acts of Ukraine established mandatory declaration (Figure 2.)

In case of cancellation of the certificate of conformity, the applicant loses the right to use the mark of conformity.


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Ukraine RoHs Regulation EN50581 (PDF, 393.31 КБ KB)

Ukraine Certification application example (PDF, 35.5 КБ KB)

New radio regulation Ukriane The decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of May 24, 2017 N 355 (PDF, 871.44 КБ KB)

General conditions of application radio electronic devices and emitters for some radio technologies / types of RES, which are approved by the decision of the NCCR on January 12, 2012 №18 (as of March 6, 2018) (PDF, 19.72 МБ KB)