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Certification and declaration of telecommunication equipment in Russia

Russian Ministry of Communications certificate of Conformity

FAC cerificate and declaration is a document which confirms the product compliance with the Russian Telecom and radio rules for equipment which is used in public network or which is creating a connection for the network or any other equipment’s which is used or creates communication or used on connections ( wired or radio) ,or somehow affecting or works in the network communication process or systems

Federal law of communication N 126

Certificate of the Ministry of Communications (example)
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  1. Products may be subject to one or a combination of mandatory certification systems I most of the cases to telecom products EAC, FSB and FAC certification is applicable
  2. FAC approval is required for most telecom and wireless equipment as well for the product with Ethernet connection ( Ethernet to wi-fi )
  3. FAC certificate is required for equipment if it is in the public communication network or in technology networks (LAN) appended to a public communication network or in networks of special-purpose (government) appended to a public communication network. In simple way ,what uses existing connection will require in most of the case declaration ,what makes a connection will be subject to Certification
  4. For equipment not listed for CoC scope certification, a DoC is required. FSS notification/FSB notification is required for all equipment which has encryption.
  5. A Radio Frequency center approval and import license ( MIT license ) is required for the equipment which has radio technologies such as LF or HF transmitting freaquncies ,Induction ,Rfid , Russian certification for rfid
  6. EMC compliance is required for the above, where applicable


  1. A local representative is required for Federal Agency of communication Declaration (Russian FAC)
  2. Russian FAC declaration could be giving up to 10 years
  3. Russian FAC certificates is good for 3 year

EVALUATION PROCEDURES for Russian FAC certification in LLC Mintest company MAY INCLUDE

  1. Documentary audit.
  2. Sample testing in accredited laboratories.
  3. Evaluation and approval.
  4. An additional RF import permit (RFC) must be obtained from the GKRCH or Ministry of Trade and Industry (MINPROMTORG), depending on the product.
  5. Encryption notifications (FSS -Russia Federal security services Notification or so called it FSB Notification) should also be declared to Federal State Security Service (FSB) before import of RF products.

Communication means subject to mandatory certification:

  • equipment with switching systems functions (automatic telephone stations (ATS) of both mobile and fixed phone lines);
  • communication means that operate as the digital transport systems (commutators, switches, routers, firewalls and long-haul transmission systems);
  • communication means that operate as the control and monitoring systems (CMS);
  • equipment used for communication services metering in public communications networks (automated payment system — APS (billing);
  • radio-electronic means of communication (cellular base stations and radio networks, trunking systems, radio relay stations, television broadcasting equipment and satellite broadcasting earth stations);
  • communication equipment (including software), providing the execution of the relevant activities during the investigative work (IW);
  • terminal equipment, which may impair the functioning of the public communication network.

A complete list of means of communication subject to mandatory certification was approved by the Government Decree of the Russian Federation No. 532. Communication equipment, not included in the list of communication means subject to mandatory certification, require a mandatory declaration of conformity.

Important features of communication means certification:

  • An applicant for the certificate can be the seller, manufacturer or the legal entity or individual entrepreneur registered in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation on the territory of the Russian Federation, who ensures the conformance to the specified requirements under the contract with the manufacturer of the supplied means of communication.
  • The certification process and certificate form issuance can only be executed by the authorised accredited body.
  • Depending on the certification scheme, the certificate can be issued either for the commercially produced equipment, for the batch of products or a single product.
  • The certificate may be issued for the period of validity of 1 or 3 years.
  • The obtained certificate is subject to mandatory registration in the Federal Communications Agency (ROSSVYAZ) and should be registered in a special Register of registered certificates.

Cost and terms of documents execution:

Cost and terms of the Communication Means Compliance Certificate execution depend on many factors such as type and quantity of products, the selected certification scheme, the availability of all the necessary documents required for registration, product samples delivery and production audit (if applicable), etc.

Therefore to accurately calculate the cost and time required to certification process, please download and fill in a special form and send it to MINTEST company experts to the e-mail address specified in the application form. As a response you will receive our current commercial quotation within one business day.

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On communications (PDF, 228.81 КБ KB)

On approval of Rules of organisation and work on obligatory confirmation of communication means compliance (PDF, 136.5 КБ KB)

On approval of the list of communication means subject to mandatory certification (PDF, 200.57 КБ KB)

Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of June 25, 2009 N 532./List of a product Telecom Russia FAC certificate (PDF, 73.92 КБ KB)

(PDF, 561.72 КБ KB)