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Appendix N 4 to the Regulations on the import the customs territory of the Eurasian Economic Union and the exportation from the customs territory of the Eurasian Economic Union encryption (cryptographic) means categories of goods that are of encryption (cryptographic) agents or containing in its composition encryption (cryptographic) means of cryptographic and technical characteristics which are subject to notification.

1. Products that contain in their composition of encryption (cryptographic) means, having any of the following components:

1) Symmetrical cryptographic algorithm, utilizing cryptographic key length not exceeding 56 bits;

2) an asymmetric cryptographic algorithm, based on any of the the following methods: factorization of integers, the size of which does not exceed 512 bits; computation of discrete logarithms in a multiplicative group of a finite field whose size is less than 512 bits;

discrete logarithm in a finite field group than the field of the the third paragraph of this subparagraph, the amount of which does not exceed 112 bits.

Notes: 1. Parity bits are not included in the key length.

2. The term "cryptography" does not refer to fixed compression techniques or data encoding.

2. Products containing encryption (cryptographic) means, with the following functions disabled:

1) authentication, including all aspects of the access control with no encrypt files or text except for encryption which directly related to the protection of passwords,personal identification or similar data rates to protect against unauthorized access;

2) digital signature (electronic signature).

Note. The functions of authentication and digital signature (e-signature) include their related distribution function keys.

3. Encryption (cryptographic) means, which are components operating systems software, cryptographic capabilities which can not be changed by users, which are designed for installation by the user independently without further substantial support and technical supplier documentation (description of the algorithms of cryptographic transformations, protocols interaction, interface description, and so on. d.) which is accessible user.

4. Personal smart cards (smart cards):

1) the cryptographic capabilities are limited in their use categories of goods (products), referred to in paragraphs 5 - 8 of this list;

2) a public wide use cryptographic capabilities which are not available to the user and which as a result of the special design have limited security capabilities stored on their personal information.

Note. If the personal smart card (smart card) can to carry out multiple functions, the control status of each function is determined separately.

5. Reception apparatus for radio broadcasting, television or commercial similar commercial instruments for broadcasting without a limited audience digital encryption except when using encryption solely for controlling video and audio channels, send invoices or return associated with the program providers broadcast information.

6. The equipment, which the cryptographic capability is not available user and specifically designed for the limited use of any

the following ways:

1) software is executed in a protected copy form;

2) access to any of the following:

Copy-protected content stored only accessible read electronic medium;

information stored in encrypted form on electronic media information that are offered for sale in identical sets;

3) the control copy audio and video protected by copyright rights.

7. encryption (cryptographic) equipment, specially designed and limited for banking use or financial operations.

Note. Financial transactions include including fees and payment for transport services and lending.

8. Portable and mobile radio-electronic means of civil use (eg for use with commercial civil systems cellular radio), which are not capable to through encryption (from subscriber to subscriber).

9. Wireless EW equipment, exercising

Only encryption information in a radio channel with a maximum range

Wireless action without amplification and retransmission of less than 400 m in accordance with the the manufacturer's specifications.

10. Encryption (cryptographic) means used to protect technological channels of information and telecommunication systems and networks.

11. Goods, cryptography function which locked manufacturer.

12. Other products that contain encryption (cryptographic) means other than those specified in paragraphs 1 - 11 of this list, and match the following criteria:

1) are publicly available for sale to the public in accordance with the law

State - a member of the Eurasian Economic Union without restrictions from of the available range in retail locations by any of the following: cash sales; sales by mail-order goods; electronic transactions; telephone sales orders;

2) encryption (cryptographic) functionality is not It can be changed by the user in a simple manner;

3) designed for installation by the user without further substantial support by the supplier;

4) technical documentation confirming that the goods meet the the requirements of subparagraphs 1 - 3 of this paragraph, the manufacturer placed in freely available and submitted by the manufacturer, if necessary (the person they authorized) consent authority at its request.


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