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LLC Mintest offers Authorized Representative services for Customs Union (the company performing the functions of the foreign manufacturer - in terms of the Customs Union legislation) on the territory of the CU (Customs Union of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan).In simple way we –Representative for EAC certificate / Abkommen Bevollmächtigter EAC Zollunion

According with the CU technical regulations, the application for the certification or declaration is not allowed for foreign companies. You can read more hear (who could be the applicant on EAC certificate, CU representative,) Foreign manufacturers have to authorize the representative (it must be company-resident of the CU).

Example of authorized representative contracts.


LLC Mintest offers two types of authorized representative contracts.


Standard CU representative service:

  • Storage and cataloging of all documentation,.
  • Holding regional contacts in regards with the technical regulation requirements.
  • Authorization for certificate use upon client request ( company A need to do export and would like us to authorize them for CU certificate usage)
  • Supplying end users with all available technical documentation: passport, operation and maintenance manual, safety justification, etc.
  • Keeping under control and updating manufacturer about applicable technical regulation changes.
  • Manual and technical data translation

The advanced set  includes in addition:

  • Tariff code check list
  • Help to find Trusted CU sales partner
  • EAC Labeling help( EAC Marking)
  • Participating, as appropriate, in the process of a product recall by the decision of the manufacturer or supervisory bodies.
  • Why us well the answer is simple With LLC Mintest acts exclusively in the interests of the represented company. We have no commercial interests in sales our goal is to AVOID  CONFLICTS  OF  INTERESTS between end buyer or competitors

    We have more than 10 years’ experience, the company employs experienced and highly professional team


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    Example of authorized representative contracts (PDF, 179.93 КБ KB)