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Obtaining Russian Ministry of Digital Development Telecom Declaration ( FAC Declaration )

FCC Radio Declaration (Other names: Compliance Certificate for communications, CCC, Certificate of the Ministry of Communications) is a document which confirms the product compliance with the rules of equipment use approved by the RF Federal Law No. 126-FZ «On Telecommunications», and can be used in a single telecommunications network of the Russian Federation.

Communication Means Declaration (example)
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The declaration procedure is regulated by the RF Government Decree No. 214 «On Approval of Rules of organisation and work on obligatory confirmation of communication means compliance».

Communication means to be declared:

A complete list of means of communication subject to mandatory certification is approved by the Government Decree of the Russian Federation No. 532.

Communication means not included in this list are subject to mandatory declaration of conformity.

Declaration of communication means is usually required for the terminal (terminal or subscriber) communication equipment — CPE (wired and wireless phones, IP phones, mobile devices, modems, BlueTooth and Wi-Fi wireless computer networking technology modules of 802.15 and 802.11a /b/g/n standards, telematic services and server antennas, etc.).

Important features of the communication means declaration:

  • The main difference between the declaration and certification is as follows: to declare conformity the manufacturer refers to the accredited testing laboratory to test the product, and registers the declaration of conformity of communication means at the Federal Agency of Communication on the basis of test results (test reports). Testing, communication equipment conformity assessment and issuance of the certificate during certification process shall be carried out by the accredited certification body.
  • An applicant for the declaration can be the legal entity or individual entrepreneur registered in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation on the territory of the Russian Federation, who is either the manufacturer, or the entity ensuring the conformance to the specified requirements under the contract with the manufacturer of the supplied means of communication.
  • Depending on the declaration scheme, the declaration can be issued either for the commercially produced equipment, and for the batch of products or a single product.
  • The validity of the declaration of conformity is established by the declarant. At the same time during the term of the declaration the declarant shall be responsible for ensuring compliance and is responsible for the discrepancy of the declared means of communication.
  • The declaration is subject to mandatory registration in the Federal Communications Agency (ROSSVYAZ) and should be registered in a special Register of registered declaration.
  • For the registration of the declaration of conformity the state fee is incurred, at the moment it makes 3500 rubles.

Cost and terms of documents execution:

Cost and terms of processing and registration of declarations of compliance for communication means depend on many factors such as the product type and quantity, selected declaration scheme, submission of all documents required for registration, product sample delivery and production audit (if applicable),etc.

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On communications (PDF, 228.81 КБ KB)

On approval of Rules of organisation and work on obligatory confirmation of communication means compliance (PDF, 136.5 КБ KB)

On approval of the list of communication means subject to mandatory certification (PDF, 200.57 КБ KB)