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RFC Statement other name Radio Frequency conclusion (done by Government Radio Frequency Center) is a document required for import of radio electronic, high-frequency devices (HFD) and their components to the Russian Federation. The statement confirms that the product compliance with the specifications and operating conditions, approved by the State Commission for Radio Frequencies (SCRF) or so call it GKRCH

RFC Statement is required for registration of the license of the Ministry of Industry and Trade (Minpromtorg License) full list of restricted products you can find here - annex № 1 to the decision №30 ECE College of 21.4.2015. section 2.16 . RFC (Radio Frequency Centre) conclusions which are mandatory for obtaining import licenses for radio devices such as RFID (866-868 MHz), SRD radio products, automotive radars (76-77 GHz), DECT devices (1880-1900 MHz) ,antennas, Microphones or other radio equipment which fells into the restricted list . Radio Frequency Center statement is issued in favor of a specific importer, and contains information about the name and model of the products plus trade mark if available ,after receiving Radio frequency Centre approval ,you product adds into the Roskomnadzor data base and stays there for 10 year ( no need for additional test )
In accordance with the Radio Frequency Center regulations, to obtain a Statement with a permit to import a certain type of products it is required to provide a specific list of information about the radio frequency characteristics of the product (especially if the imported goods are not included in the REM and HFD list approved by SCRF). In particular, it may be required to provide information such as the class of emission, the peak frequency deviation, the relative level of spurious emission, the spectral density and so on.
Obtaining the RFC conclusion is no longer a simple paperwork process: only test reports issued by Russia’s RFC will now be accepted and in-country testing is therefore required, since GKRCH reports issued by an accredited lab are no longer tolerated
So to import to Russia satellite stations, radio relay equipment, some types of SRD and RFID’s equipment, specific radio products , it is necessary to conduct a local Laboratory test
Roskomnadzor is authorised to keep the register of radio electronic means (REM) and high-frequency devices (HFD), admitted for import to the territory of the Russian Federation.
List of a products which do not require Mnpromtorg license and free to import you can find APPENDIX № 15 to the Decision of the Board The Eurasian Economic Commission of April 21, 2015 No. 30 here

Important info about RFC statement –

  • 1) Lead time for RFC statement is 30 days after test performed
  • 2) Mandatory sample test
  • 3) Sample must be legally imported (will require temporarily import permit for the customs)
  • 4) Holder of RFC statement could be only local company or representative ( we can be your Russian representative company )

2.16. Radio devices (or) high-frequency civil devices, including built-in or are part of other goods (extract from the Decision of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission No. 30 of April 21, 2015 Non-Tariff regulation) which subject to a Russian Minpromtorg license or FSB notification

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All helpful info about Russian Radio regulation rules, or Russian Radio regulatory compliance you can find here Regulatory documents
Cost and terms of RFC Statement registration:
The Statement registration takes 1 to 30 days. The cost depends on the radio frequency characteristics of the product and the complexity of their definition process. Also, when you apply for the Statement, you must pay a state fee, the amount of which depends on the terms of registration. The MINTEST company’s experts provide professional consulting assistance in obtaining the RFC Statement. For accurate calculation of the cost of services and for free advice on all your questions refer to the company’s experts by phone or email.


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Single list of goods subject to prohibitions or restrictions on import or export by the Customs Union member states within the EurAsEC when trading with third countries and Provisions on application of restrictions (PDF, 2.63 МБ KB)

Comparison of EU/ETSI and Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russia Federation standards for high power UHF RFID (PDF, 350.69 КБ KB)

Radio Frequency center approval ,RF test in Russia.pdf (PDF, 339.65 КБ KB)

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