Product marking in the Customs Union (EAC sign)

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The Unified Turnover Sign (ЕАС) certifies that the product it labels has passed all conformity validation procedures set forth in the Customs Union technical regulation as confirmed by documents provided for relevant conformity assessment forms within the Customs Union.

The Unified Product Turnover Sign is as follows:

Image 1

Image 2

ЕАС stands for Eurasian Conformity (Eurasian Conformity).

The image of the unified product turnover sign ЕАС is a combination of three stylized letters Е, А and С graphically shown using straight angles and having the same length and width as well as precise square proportion against the light (Image 1) of contrasting background (Image 2).

Unified Turnover Sign Application Procedure and Rules:

  • Manufacturers and suppliers use the EAC sign to mark their products.
  • The dimensions of the unified turnover signs are determined by the manufacturer (supplier) authorized to use it.
  • Its basic size is at least 5 mm.
  • Dimensions of the unified turnover sign must guarantee that is elements are accurate and visible with unaided eye against the common color background of the object.
  • The unified turnover sign may be made by any means ensuring that is clearly and accurately visible throughout the useful life of the product.
  • The unified turnover sign shall label each unit, package of accompanying documentation of the product.
  • The image of the unified product turnover sign shall be single-color and contrast against the color of the surface it labels.
  • The product, tare (packaging) or documentation shall be labeled with the unified turnover sign where set in the technical regulation of the Customs Union.

The image and labeling rules of the EAC sign are approved by Schedule 2 to Resolution No. 711 of the Customs Union Commission Regulation on the Unified Product Turnover Sign in the Customs Union Member States’ Market.


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EurAsian Conformity mark (EAC Image) (PDF, 83 КБ KB)

Rules of application for the EurAsian Conformity Mark (EAC) (PDF, 156.55 КБ KB)