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Uzbekistan Marking / Uzbekistan certificate of conformity /Uzbekistan certification

41 Based on the issued certificate of conformity of Uzbekistan, taking into account the established certification scheme the agreement on granting to the applicant the right to apply the certificate of conformity and use of the sign of conformity is concluded. In this agreement, the methods of marking the certified products with the conformity mark and inspection inspection conditions must be stipulated.
42. Certified serially produced products (packaging, packaging and accompanying documentation) are marked with a mark of conformity under the responsibility of the manufacturer.
43. The manufacturer's implementation of a part of the certified products may be accompanied by a copy of the certificate of conformity certified by the signature and seal of the holder of the original of the certificate or the body that issued the certificate or the notary body. Copies issued to the original holder of the certificate are registered in accordance with the shipping documentation for the products. On each copy is indicated its registration number, the number of products sold.
44. Products manufactured during the validity period of the certificate of conformity are considered to be certified and not re-certified. Confirmation of product certification is the sign of conformity and the date of manufacture in the operating and accompanying documentation. 45. The applicant has the right to submit an application to the OS with the purpose of re- certification, not less than one month before the end of the validity period of the certificate of conformity for the products. In this case, the OS can change the certification scheme, taking into account the results of inspection control.
46. In case of planned amendments to the design (composition) of the product or the technology of its production, which may affect the characteristics of the products to be certified, the manufacturer must notify the OS, which decides whether to carry out corrective measures. 47. The OS issuing a certificate of conformity for serially produced products shall conduct inspection inspection of certified products at least once a year to confirm its compliance with the requirements established for certification. At inspection control, depending on the certification scheme, product tests and / or production surveys are conducted.
48. Based on the results of the inspection control, the validity of the conformity certificate and the use of the conformity mark can be confirmed, suspended or canceled.
49. The scope, content and procedure for carrying out inspection control of certified products is established in the rules for conducting inspection inspection

Schematic Testing in accredited testing laboratories and other ways of demonstrating compliance Examination of production or evaluation of the management system Inspection inspection of certified products (management systems, production)
1 Type testing - -
2 Type testing - Testing of samples taken in the sphere of trade (by the consumer)
3 Type testing Inspection of production Test samples taken from the manufacturer. Inspection of production
4 Type testing Inspection of production Testing of samples taken both from the sphere of trade (from the consumer) and from the production
5 Type testing Examination of production or evaluation of the management system Testing of samples and evaluation of the quality system (production survey)
6th - Evaluation of the management system Assessment of the state of the management system
7th Test of the party - -
8 Test each sample - -
9 Consideration of the declaration of conformity with the attached documents - -

50. The OS shall inform the manufacturer and the NSO of the suspension or revocation of the certificate and the right of use by the applicant of the conformity mark. The NSO determines the need to inform the relevant government bodies and the mass media about the revoked certificates.
60. Products certified according to Schemes Nos. 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 may be marked with a conformity mark in the established order


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