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EAC Certificate Holder / Who could be the holder of CU certificate

According to the recently distributed explanation of the Federal Authority for Technical Regulation, which is the Ministry of Industry and Trade, during the work on conformity assessment it is necessary to fulfil the following provision of Annex 9 to the Treaty on the Eurasian Economic Union "Protocol on technical regulation within Customs Union", which is an integral part of the Treaty:

"For conformity assessment the applicant can be the registered at the territory of a Member State in accordance with its law legal entity or a natural person as an individual entrepreneur who is a manufacturer or seller or the person authorized by the manufacturer".

It should be mentioned that the norms of the above Treaty are higher than the norms of technical regulations.

The proper explanation is also given at the official site of Eurasian Economic Commission. (English version: download)

Application for certification must be submitted and signed by the company registered at the territory of the Member State of Eurasian Economic Union in accordance with its legislation.

As an example, the APPLICANT on the certificate of conformity will be listed as follows:

Company LLC….. Russia or any other company which is registered on the Territory of CU , the person authorized by the manufacturer Company ВВВ …..not resident of CU.

Holder of CU EAC certificate could be only mentioned as follows:

Company LLC….. Russia or any other company, which is registered on the Territory of CU

Note: State authorities on market surveillance pay great attention to the control of documents confirming the compliance of products with the technical regulations of the Customs Union, including the correctness of filling of these documents, particularly with regard to compliance with the norms established by the Treaty on the Eurasian Economic Union.

Certificates of conformity and declarations of conformity issued with the violation of the established rules, shall be canceled.

Also it is planned that in the nearest future state authorities on market surveillance will receive the right to cancel certificates and declarations on theirs own without considerations by expert commissions.

Failure to comply with the specified norms of the Treaty contains the risks for both sides: for the exporter of products to the customs territory of the Eurasian Economic Union - cancellation of the certificates with the relevant economic consequences; for the certification body – stop of the activity and payment of fines.


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